Expert ESG advisory services that simplifies the ESG ecosystem and delivers measurable returns on social and natural capital.

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What we do: We are a team of dedicated and experienced ESG specialists that equip companies, investors, and financial services providers with the knowledge, tools and expertise to manage the growing ESG requirements. We help our clients develop an ESG strategy that is fit for purpose in a global economy that is demanding greater ESG transparency, while also more effectively communicating with stakeholders on their socio-economic and environmental impacts.

“With an increasing demand from clients for ESG or impact investments in their portfolios, we have developed a uniquely robust service and mechanism for our clients to build an independently verified and quantifiable analysis of their impact and ESG performance.”

The Challenge

SDG and ESG impact investing urgently requires more robust, transparent and standardised performance systems.

Our Solution

We offer specialist advisory services in ESG and SDG impact investing as well as a unique impact measurement product in accordance with international best practice.


Below is a brief overview of our services, which can vary from long-term contracts to a once off project/portfolio-based analysis. Our rates are wholly dependent on our client’s needs as well as the level of assessment, advisory and technical support required. Our offering includes but is not limited to:
The Paragon +Grading Tool, which offers a powerful methodology that expertly guides you through holistic SDG and ESG impact analysis. It is a uniquely designed data-driven approach, supported by a bespoke Google Cloud Platform (GCP) online software, that delivers a novel digital solution to intelligently measure, manage and report on organisational impact performance. The Tool and methodology have been iteratively designed in accordance with key globally accredited frameworks and principles (such as the UNEP FI, GRI and PRI), which assesses and grades the contribution (or detriment) to the 17 SDGs. By producing sophisticated outputs and impact dashboards, Paragon +Grading not only reduces unnecessary ESG complexity but enables more informed and empowered decision-making. To find out more about the Paragon +Grading tool, visit www.paragonimpact.com