Client Testimonials

“Brett and his team from ICA took us on a journey of discovery, advising us to learn how Merchants’ initiatives and investments into South Africa’s local communities, could underpin and support job creation and contribute to the socio-economic development of these communities. With Brett’s enthusiasm and passion for sustainable development in Africa, and in particular forming social partnerships with Corporate South Africa, Brett gave our vision to ‘bring jobs to the people’ of South Africa direction and expanded the notion that doing good is essential in doing good business! ICA certainly brought structure and clarity to our engagement together. The SDG assessment unlocked multiple discussion points which built on our purpose to build a sustainable and measurable proposition with creditability. It has been fantastic to engage with Brett and his vibrant team; they are field specialists, dedicated to an awesome global initiative to address social and economic development.” – Sean Brassel, Group Commercial Executive

“We used Impact Capital Africa’s Impact SDG Investment Grading Tool to strengthen our fundraising potential. The tool is added to each prospectus and fundraising document helping us to clearly communicate our organisations area of impact as well as our impact rating. The tool’s alignment to the Sustainable Development Goals translates into a standardised “impact” language which is hugely valuable to prospective partners and investors working in a global setting. We have used the tool to support the development of our endowment fund and there is no doubt that it will strategically support the sustainability of our non-profit moving forward. Furthermore, Impact Capital Africa has provided our rural social enterprise with invaluable advice in the area of attracting impact investments.” – Kate Groch, CEO Good Work Foundation

“Brett and the ICA team partnered with ESA to make significant progress in terms of helping us to better understand the different ways to present our social and environmental impact models, professionalising our impact investment portfolio, and integrating the SDG assessment tool outcomes to demonstrate perceived value for future potential impact investors. ESA looks forward to a continued engaging and exciting working relationship with Brett and his team at ICA!” – Clive Poultney, Chief Executive Officer

“Londolozi has pioneered conservation, restoration and rewilding since 1926. As a business we have grown from a small safari operation into one of the most sought after and exclusive private game reserves in Africa. Over this time we have led, inspired and made significant impacts in conservation, community development and wilderness wellness but we could never articulate it into a common quantifiable story. We wanted to communicate on 3 levels; the numbers and facts, the history of the journey, the research of what was to come. Finding Brett Wallington and his team at Impact Capital Africa was the key we were looking for and their unique skillset and expertise helped us create a narrative and measurement framework (the SDG impact investment framework) that brought this nearly 100 year impact story to life in a real, quantified and independently reviewed way. The Impact Capital Africa team are authentic and set themselves apart, with many of them having lived at a grassroots level on the ground, up close and personal with different sustainability projects. The Londolozi Impact report now allows us to communicate the positive impact we make on animals, the natural world and the lives of people in Africa, while also enabling our guests to take home a clear understanding of how their safari creates a ripple effect of positive impacts that contribute to the UN’s sustainable development goals. Brett and his team are simply wonderful to work with!” – Bronwyn Varty-Laburn, Creative Director

“It was an absolute pleasure to engage with such a knowledgeable, professional and efficient impact and ESG rating agency. Brett and his team at Impact Capital Africa have brought our Mdluli Safari Lodge portfolio to life in a way that highlights the positive impact that not only Mdluli has but also what can be achieved through the proper application of local investments through section 12J of the Income Tax Act. With both the incentive of a 12J investment and the independent review through ICA’s +Impact SDG Investment Grading, we aim to attract a broader range of corporate and individual investors going forward.” – Jeff Miller, Chief Executive Officer